Module Three : Extending Practice and ELT Specialism

Module Three of the DELTA allows you to look in-depth at areas such as course planning and testing, and to broaden your knowledge of a specialist area of ELT. It is assessed via an extended assignment (around 4,500 words) submitted to Cambridge ESOL, and is estimated to involve 200 learning hours.

The choice of specialism is up to you, and may be an area which you already have some knowledge of, or one which you wish to explore with a view to your future career development. You will however need access to a suitable group of students to be the focus of the assignment. See the Cambridge English Delta Handbook for Tutors and Candidates for full details of the Module.

Most people who study for Module Three will already have successfully completed Modules One or Two, or will possess another ELT qualification at Diploma or Master's level. For example, if you already possess the current DELTA, but want to specialise in an area not covered by the old scheme, you could "top up" your qualifications by adding on a new Module Three. You could also, if you wished, take Module Three more than once, focusing on a different specialism each time.

Our Module Three course is divided into two core components plus optional components, which candidates follow depending on the specialism they choose. These are :

The core areas - Syllabus and course design and evaluation; Testing and Assessment.

The specialist areas - The specialist areas included in the scheme are specified by Cambridge and are listed below. We will be able to supervise  assignments in any of the areas :
  • Business English
  • Teaching young learners/young adults (specified age group required with 5-year range e.g. 8–13, 14–19)
  • English for Special Purposes
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • CLIL/Embedded ESOL (teaching English through subject/work-based learning)
  • Teaching examination classes
  • Teaching one-to-one
  • Teaching monolingual classes
  • Teaching multilingual classes
  • Teaching English to learners with special requirements e.g. visual/hearing impairment, dyslexia, ASD
  • Teaching in an English-speaking environment
  • Teaching in a non-English-speaking environment
  • Teaching English on-line, through distance or blended learning
  • Language development for teachers
  • ELT Management
We can help in two ways with Module three . if you're starting from scratch, follow our full online course; if you've been self-preparing or have been referred and need to submit, join us for online Module three coaching.

1) Our Online Delta Module Three Course

Course Contents 

a) 75 hours guided online  study (Video and PPT input, guided reading and preparatory tasks for the assignment) on three topics : Testing, Course Design and your specialist subject.
b) supervision of your extended assignment by your personal tutor (who will be an expert in your specialist subject) at all stages from draft to submission. You will receive thorough written feedback on the first drafts of each section of the assignment as you write them, and then again, extensive feedback on the final, rewritten version. This can then be revised again before being submitted to Cambridge.
c) 5 hours individual online tutorials with your tutor to discuss your understanding of the course units, your draft assignment etc.

Course costs

Payment in one instalment on enrolment €915*.  
Payment in two instalments is also possible. Please ask for details.


You can enrol for Module Three at any time and have up to two years access to the course materials, allowing you to work at your own pace. Most of our candidates complete within an academic year, and some more quickly. However, the two year period means that, if you have unexpected problems after starting, you can take a break from study and then pick up again where you left off.

2) Module Three Online Coaching 

If you are self-preparing or have already submitted an assignment, but have not yet passed, we offer a three month online coaching service. There are two versions of the 
service - with or without tutor feedback. (Costs: €325* without feedback and €650* with). See here for details