Enquiries and Applications


if you have any further queries once you have looked at the information on the page(s) relating to the courses you are interested in, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You'll find our e- mail in the right-hand sidebar.

Am I a suitable candidate for the Course ?

The DELTA Course is not an initial training course. It assumes that you : a)  already have acquired a basic knowledge of the issues involved in ELT;  b) have developed sound basic teaching skills; c) have had a substantial amount of varied classroom experience. If this is not true at the start of the course you are unlikely to pass. 

In addition, you will need : well-developed study skills and the ability to understand and assimilate complex information; and the ability to write clearly, concisely and in English and to develop a logical, extended argument which combines both reading research and practical experience.

If you are applying for the course, then, we would expect you:

  • to hold a degree 
  • to hold an initial TEFL qualification such as the CELTA.
  • to have taught EFL for at least a year  full time (600 hrs) within the last five years.
  • to have taught various types of learner and course since taking the initial training course (consider the levels, ages and nationalities of the learners, course types such as general purpose, ESP, EAP, Business English, and so on).
  • to have a standard of spoken and written English which will allow you to teach at all levels including advanced, and to cope with the demands of the course - at least C1 in terms of the Common European Framework of Reference
In exceptional circumstances one or more of these requirements may be waived, but it would not be ethical of us to tell you you were suitable for the course if you were unable to provide clear alternative evidence that you are capable of following it successfully. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your individual situation.

To apply for any of the courses, please send us :

1. A CV or professional profile stating  your general educational and TEFL qualifications; a detailed account of your past teaching experience including types of course taught, and number of hours taught in each post. If you are a non-native speaker please include details of any certification showing that you are of at least CEFR C1 level. If you are applying for Module Two, please also include where you will be teaching during the course, the number of hours per week, the levels and course types you will be teaching and the number of students in the classes. The format of the CV / profile and order of the information is not important.

2. If you are applying for Module Two or Three without having completed a Module One course (or having passed the exam after self-preparation) or having done another related course at an equivalent level (eg a Master's in TEFL) we will ask you to complete one or more application tasks before offering you a place on the course. Contact us for details. 

3. Please note that in order to enrol you we are also legally required to hold the following information :
  • your full name
  • your full address in the same country as the bank from which you will be paying for the course (payment is by bank transfer)
  • if this is Italy, your codice fiscale
  • if anywhere else, your place and date of birth
This information is not, however, essential in an initial enquiry.

You'll find our e-mail address in the right-hand sidebar.

What happens then? 

Once we've received your enquiry or application, we'll send you feedback on our opinion of your suitability for the course, and let you know if we are offering you a place and the course guarantee. Once we have offered you a place and also received all the information we need for legal reasons (see above), we will then send you details of how to enrol. 

What's the deadline for enrolment? 

Enrolment for 100% on-line courses is on-going, as you will agree your own schedule with your course tutor. Enrolment for courses taught wholly or partially face to face will close when the maximum number of 10 participants is reached, or otherwise at the start of the course. We therefore encourage you to complete the application procedure and enrol as soon as possible.