Recommended Books - Module One

How many books should you buy for Module One? Thousands. But you can't of course. If you're following a course with a F2F component with us at the British Council in Milan, you'll have access to the DELTA Course Library, but a lot of people won't. So are there books you should buy?

When you start doing the units of the course, you'll find that a lot of the reading can be done on the web. There are now a large number of sites dealing with ELT methodology, as well as facilities like Google Books which supply large chunks of books, if not the whole text, free of charge. We'll be drawing on those sources a lot, and the bulk of the recommended reading will certainly be online.

However, we do recommend that you buy some books, and the following list indicates some of the most useful for each area of the syllabus. We particularly recommend those followed by an asterisk, which will provide general coverage of the main areas of the course. If your budget is limited, go for those first, but don't worry that you won't be able todo the course if you don't buy them all It's not necessary. Of the others, and if your budget stretches to it, give priority to those in areas where you feel you are particularly weak or which focus on areas which particularly interest you. Where you see or this indicates that the book which follows would be a suitable replacement for the one immediately preceding it if you already have access to it at home, in your school library etc. But if you're buying just one, go for the first.

Most of these books will also be useful for Module 2 - there will be relatively few new books to buy for that module.

The link provided for each title will take you to Amazon UK, where you can see a description of the book and/or order it. If you are working on a limited budget, consider buying from them second hand - it will mean you can buy a lot more books than otherwise.


Hedge, Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom OUP *

Cook Applied Linguistics OUP

Theories of Second Language Acquisition and Learning

Lightbown and Spada, How languages are learned (Third edition)

or Ellis Second Language Acquisition OUP

Puchta and Rinvolucri, Multiple Intelligences in EFL CUP

Methods and Approaches

Richards and Rodgers Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching Second EditionCUP*

Willis and Willis Doing Task Based Teaching OUP
or Willis A Framework for Task Based Learning

English as a World Language

McKay Teaching English as a World Language OUP

McKay Teaching English Overseas OUP

At least one of the following * :

McCarthy Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers CUP
Burns and Coffin (eds) Analysing English in a Global Context Routledge

Celce-Murcia and Olshtein, Discourse and Context in Language Teaching CUP
Widdowson, Discourse Analysis OUP
Cook, Discourse, OUP
Coulthard, An Introduction to Discourse Analysis, CUP


Leech and Svartvik, A Communicative Grammar of English Longman*
Lewis,The English Verb LTP*

Yule, Explaining English Grammar OUP

Thornbury Grammar OUP

Swan Grammar OUP

Gerngross, Puchta, Thornbury, Teaching Grammar Creatively CUP
Thornbury, How to Teach Grammar Longman


Perhaps the best book on this topic is ...

Celce-Murcia Teaching Pronunciation CUP

which is excellent both for the theory and for practical ideas. However, be aware that it focuses on North American pronunciation. If you have a different pronunciation, it will be slightly less useful to you and you may prefer to replace it with one or more of the following :

Dalton and Seidhofer Pronunciation OUP (No link available)
Kelly How to Teach Pronunciation Longman

Jenkins The Phonology of English as an International Language OUP
Brown Listening to Spoken English Longman


McCarthy Vocabulary OUP *
or Gairns and Redman Working with Words

Lewis and Hill Implementing the Lexical Approach LTP *
or Lewis The Lexical Approach
Conzett et al Teaching Collocation LTP
Schmitt and McCarthy, Vocabulary CUP
Thornbury, How to Teach Vocabulary Longman

Error Analysis and Correction

Bartram and Walton Correction LTP
or Edge Mistakes and Corrections

Teaching Speaking

Lynch Communication in the Language Classroom OUP *
or Bygate Speaking

Thornbury How to Teach Speaking Longman

Brown and Yule Teaching the Spoken Language CUP

Teaching Listening

Anderson and Lynch Listening OUP *

Teaching Reading

Wallace Reading OUP *or Grellet Developing Reading Skills CUP
Hudson Teaching Second Language Reading OUP

Teaching Writing
Tribble Writing OUP *
or Hedge Writing OUP

Resources and Materials
Dudeney and Hockly How to Teach English with Technology Longman *

Testing and Assessment
Hughes Testing for Language Teachers CUP *
or McNamara Language Testing