What if I fail?

  • Module One : If you fail the exam for Module One, you can simply retake it at a later date. You will need to pay the exam fee again, but if you are covered by our guarantee, will not necessarily have to pay to repeat the course.

  • Module Two : If you have completed the coursework for the module but do not pass you are referred for further assessment. This involves completing a further externally assessed assignment within two exam sessions from the original attempt.
  • Module Three : If your assignment is not at pass standard it will be referred and can be improved and resubmitted within two exam sessions from the original submission.
You'll find more information in the the Key Questions and Answers ... section on the Cambridge website.

What if I don’t complete the course?

If you need to interrupt the course before you have entered for the exam, then there's no problem. Let us know, and you can defer completion for up to a year. Please note however, that we cannot guarantee to be running a course in exactly the same format the following year or, in the case of face-to-face courses, on the same days and at the same times.

Our guaranteeIf we accept you for a place on one of our Module One courses, we feel we have a responsibility to stay with you until you have passed the exam. So if you fail, you'll be able to retake the course free of charge as long as you have satisfied the following conditions..

  • you completed the application procedure and we offered you a place on the course on the understanding that you were a suitable candidate in terms of your previous experience, qualifications etc

  • you completed the course within two calendar years of starting, and took the exam in the session immediately following course completion

  • you have attended at least 90% of the course sessions (face-to-face courses) and/or completed 90% of the set tasks and online seminars (F2F and online courses)