Module One : Revision and Exam Preparation Courses

Thinking of enrolling for the  Exam Preparation Course? Join us for some intensive last minute work to revise what you've already studied and ensure you're fully prepared for all the exam tasks.

Join us for six to twelve weeks full membership on our Module One course website in the period leading up to the exam. You'll be able to : 
  • follow a structured daily programme which takes you over all the main syllabus areas, and focuses on all of the exam tasks
  • access all the input for the full course, including video and PPT presentations covering all areas of the syllabus 
  • take part in up to fourteen online exam preparation seminars, and submit as many exam practice tasks for evaluation and feedback as you can do in the time
  • contact a tutor as often as you wish for immediate answers to any queries you may have
  • ... and much more. 

The course is ideal for anyone who...
  • has self-prepared for the exam but now needs the opportunity for last-minute structured revision, and help with exam technique
  • has done a course at another centre some time ago and now needs a pre-exam booster
  • has previously taken and failed the exam and is looking for guidance and support.
  • hasn't started preparing yet, but can work intensively on the programme for twelve weeks

During the twelve week course...

  • you will have full access to our module One course - including all input presentations, reading, online seminars and exam practice tasks
  • you will either be able to work on just the basic course programe, revising all the essential areas of the course (ideal if you have heavy outside commitments during the period), or you will be able to work as intensively as you wish, taking advantage of a lot more of the input and practice materials available.

What our participants say

I strongly recommend the Module 1 Revision and Exam Preparation course. It is not only affordable; it is thorough and absolutely covers all the areas you need to prepare for the exam. You don't just get a day by day revision timetable, you get access to a wealth of resources, live support in seminars and exam practice and feedback on tasks which is invaluable. You get the opportunity to meet other students and get support and tips. Each day, there are terminology teasers and practice questions loaded on the website so you are constantly practising the style of question that you are likely to encounter. Furthermore, the tutor will respond to any queries you have promptly and is flexible in organising seminars to meet the needs of all the students.  
A warm thanks to Sue. I couldn't have done it without you!

Fahmeeda Gill U.A.E


12 weeks online course access : 366 
Early Black Friday offer for enrolments by the end of October 2021 : €305

Prices include all taxes within Europe, and bank transfer charges applicable for payments outside Europe. However, please note that the course fee does not include the exam entry fee, which is not paid to us but directly to the centre where you choose to sit the exam. 

To see if the courses could be of use to you, try our online diagnostic test :
NB: The test is very thorough and therefore quite long. Allow 60 to 90 minutes to complete it

Starting dates

The next course starts on:
  • Wednesday March 9th 2022 (for twelve weeks access up to the exam date)
However, participants are always registered on the course  several days in advance in order to familiarise themselves with the website and complete some diagnostic preliminary work before starting.

Want to see what's in the course?
If you'd like to have a look at the course website and find out more about what we offer on the course, we'll happily meet you on Skype so that we can screenshare and show you the website, the materials and explain exactly what's involved. Contact us to arrange a time.