Delta Module One : Online and Face to face Seminars

The Online Seminar Programme 

No seminars are currently scheduled

Online seminars are held at regular intervals, to help prepare you for the Delta Module One exam. 

Whether you are studying on our own course, have studied with another centre, or are preparing privately, the seminars will help you apply what you already know to the exam tasks. 

In the seminars, we'll go through each of the tasks on the two papers, look at the requirements and how best to answer the questions, and then do practice questions for each task.  

These seminars will be equally useful for you whether you have already completed a Module One course, are half way through your studies, or want a preview of what is required before you start.

For the online seminars you will need access to Skype and a good internet connection. They will be held on the six Sundays before the exam. Each seminar will last 4 hours  (with a break  in the middle - 10am-12noon, 1pm-3pm CEST) ) making a total of 24 hours. Interested? Contact us now, as numbers are limited to ensure all participants get individual attention, you have time to ask questions etc. 

Seminar 1 -   Focus on Paper One - Tasks 1, 2,  and 3 
Seminar 2 -  Focus on Paper One,  Tasks 3 and 4
Seminar 3 -   Focus on Paper One Task 4 and 5
Seminar 4 -   Focus on Paper One  Task 5 and Paper Two Task One
Seminar 5 -   Focus on Paper Two Task Two
Seminar 6 -   Focus on Paper Two task Three

Cost for all six seminars  :  €244

Will the seminars be useful?

In order to decide whether you would benefit from the seminars, you may find it useful to try our diagnostic tests :

NB: These diagnostic tests are very thorough and therefore quite long. Allow up to 90 minutes for each - the same time as you would have in the exam. The more difficult you find the test, or the less your answers resemble the suggested answers, the more useful the seminars will be for you.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in any of the seminars.  Numbers are limited, so don't delay

Face to Face Seminars

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are not currently running face to face seminars. Once things are back to normal, we'll start up again. Watch this space!