Delta Module One : Weekend Seminars

Weekend seminars are held at regular intervals. to help prepare you for Delta Module One
a) online
b) at our offices in Milan
c) in collaboration with the London School Thiene (VI)* 

We  offer three intensive weekend seminars e. These seminars are built into our online course, but can also be attended independently.  Whether you are studying on another of our courses, have studied with another centre, or are preparing privately - we can help. And you can attend just one of the seminars, two of them or all three - you decide what best meets your needs.

Each seminar is held on  Saturday 10 am - 5.30pm and Sunday 9am - 4.30pm (six hours per day plus breaks). 

The Seminar Programme

Seminar One : Success in the Delta Module One Exam 

We'll go through each of the tasks on the two papers, look at the requirements and how best to answer the questions, and then do practice questions for each task.  
This seminar will be equally useful for you whether you have already completed a Module one course, are half way through your studies, or want a preview of what is required before you start.

Seminar Two : A "Troubleshooting" Seminar

The contents of this seminar will be decided by participants. Before the seminar you'll be sent a questionnaire and asked to complete a diagnostic test to find out which areas of the syllabus are your weak points. The seminar will then focus on those areas.

Seminar Three : An Exam Preparation Seminar

This seminar is aimed at participants who have completed, or are in the last weeks of, their Module One preparation and who will be taking the exam in June. We will go through all the tasks on the papers, but before the seminar you will be asked to complete a diagnostic test to find out which tasks on the two papers are your weak points. The focus of the seminar will be on those tasks and, in particular, on the tasks in the paper which carry the most marks.

Cost per individual seminar :  €183 
Cost for all three seminars  :  €488

The seminars are held at regular intervals during the year on demand. For online seminars and seminars held in Milan, there must be a minimum of five participants. For seminars held in Thiene a minimum of eight. Please contact us for the next dates if you are interested.

* Where is Thiene?  (Click on the link to see a map)

Thiene is in eastern Italy, in the Province of Vicenza, and is approximately 40kms from Verona and 75kms from Venice. Low cost flights fly to the airports in both cities. We'll provide exact travel details for you when you tell us where you're coming from, and accommodation can be arranged on request at a local bed and breakfast or in an independent room in flats of London School staff or trusted students. We have several options available, all of which are economical and within 10 minutes walking distance of the school.