What our candidates say

Here's what some of our past candidates have to say about the course ...

I've been fortunate to study all three Delta modules under the expert guidance of Sue Swift. Her tuition comes highly recommended as she seamlessly blends her invaluable classroom experience with practical academic insights. Such a powerful combination is indispensable for teachers looking to advance their careers and improve their teaching through studying for the Delta modules.


The Delta Course offered by Business Talk & The British Council has been by far the best investment in time and energy that I have done throughout my teaching career. Since I finished the course I have been hired by prestigious public and private institutions, started writing for a TESOL journal and widened my professional horizons in exciting and unexpected ways, such as delivering short training workshops for in-service teachers and starting my own webpage for students.
As a person that holds an MA and a PhD, I can assure you that the quality of the course is at the level of top universities. You have to be really committed to put your mind and heart into this from the very beginning. The DELTA demands excellence because it delivers everything it promises and more. The tutors are absolute experts in their fields; they will help you every step of the way, guide you, and challenge you to become a real professional teacher. In short: don't miss it.
One more time, THANK YOU and each of you at BT and the BC for everything you did. You are simply terrific


Delta Modules 1& 2 require a lot of time and commitment on your part, but this is matched by the commitment, feedback and support that you receive from the Business Talk team along the course.
Being able to do Module 1 online means that you can take the course wherever you are and benefit from the opportunity of exchanging ideas with other Delta trainees as well as with course tutors. Moreover you can decide your own pace and study when suits you.
Module 2 makes you think a lot about how you function in the classroom and the opportunity of seeing your peers and the course tutors teaching gives you more food for thought and helps you to become a more rounded and professional teacher.
Both modules are hard work but the input from the course teaching team and your results in the classroom are all worth it.
I have already recommended the course to a colleague and would do so again in the future.

My two main goals in taking the Delta course were to improve my teaching and pass the exam: with Business Talk, I achieved both. I performed far better in the exam than I thought I would and the density of the information on ELT provided throughout the course means I have enough teaching ideas and material for years to come.
Susan Swift has an extraordinary breadth and depth of knowledge of the field and was always ready to take on a familiar question or a new idea; she was entirely dedicated to teaching the subject and our passing the exam.
I fully intend to complete the other two modules of the Delta qualification with Susan Swift and Business Talk.

I won’t pretend taking the Delta course is easy. It requires a lot of effort, hard work and determination to see it through till the ‘bitter’ end. However, the end result is more than worth all the hard slog: I feel so much more knowledgeable as a teacher, and my teaching practice has benefitted hugely from the knowledge gained. The Business-talk team set high standards. So high, that you’ll end up doing much better than you ever thought possible. Module One provides the theoretical background to teaching and is very well-designed with interactive tasks and in-depth background reading, as well as well-structured units which all lead to you gaining a good understanding of the issues involved. Module Two concerns the more practical aspects of teaching and encourages you to apply your theoretical knowledge to your actual teaching practice. The experienced and highly qualified DELTA trainers from Business Talk and the British Council Milan allow you to witness first class teaching and give constant guidance in your own teaching practice, encouraging you to improve on your teaching style through constant feedback which is objective and constructive.
I’m glad I started this Delta journey, and I’m glad Business Talk and the British Council Milan and are guiding me along the way. Their impressive knowledge and experience have helped me become a better teacher, and have opened the door to better career opportunities.

Sue Swift’s DELTA course has been one of the most important professional experiences in my life.

What first attracted me to the course was the possibility of professional growth as well as the opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow teachers. It was great on all counts!

Not only has it helped to expand my horizons through reading and research, but it has also sharpened my skills as an observer of my own performance in the classroom and encouraged me to revise my concepts of the teaching-learning process from a broader perspective.
Besides, it has encouraged me to try out new ideas and expand my materials repertoire. It has sharpened my awareness of aspects of the English language, such as phonology , for example, and its applications in the classroom.
I particularly like the interaction among participants as we are encouraged to exchange ideas, which adds to the spirit of comradeship on the course.
The whole course is well thought out : units are divided into topics with different communication mediums, thus catering for different learning styles and facilitating information intake. Each unit deals with topics relevant to the DELTA exam, but not only. The materials and links provided offer you a lot for you own personal growth and development and that’s what makes this course so special.
Having the DELTA (Module 1) on my CV feels great, undoubtedly. But the whole trip towards the destination has enriched my professional life a great deal and given me a sense of achievement. Thank you, Sue.