Module Three Coaching

This course gives you three months access to our Module Three website. It is intended for people who have already completed their assignment, either because they have been self-preparing or because they have been referred on first assessment and need to resubmit. Please note that Cambridge specify that the assignment must be independent research and the amount of help we can give is restricted by the regulations. However, access to the programme will give you :

  • full access to our course materials (5 units each on course design, testing and your specialist subject plus sections giving guidance on the requirements for each part of the assignment, and example assignments /assignment sections written by previous candidates). Cost : €325*
  • as above, plus a full review of the assignment,  and guidance on what needs to be rewritten and improved and where you can find the necessary information. Cost :  €671*. Payment is also possible in two instalments.

If you are a referred candidate, please note that your assignment must be resubmitted through your original centre, who may also offer referral support. So check with them first.

* Prices include all taxes and/or bank transfer charges