Module Two Online Preparatory Course

Module Two is tough. If you take an intensive course you have  a huge amount of work to fit into a very short period. If you follow a longer course you have the same amount of work to fit in around your teaching workload, and family or other commitments. Whichever format you choose you need to hit the ground running - and our Module Two online preparatory course can help you do exactly that. 

It gives you full access to our Module Two website, from the time you enrol up to next July - by which time you should have completed your full Module Two course. This allows you to view and work on :

  • Full information on the course requirements, guidelines for completing each section of the assignments, sample assignments written by past candidates etc.
  • About 30 hours of tasks intended to be done before the course which introduce you what you need to do when preparing the different assignments. Answers to those tasks to compare your own with.
  • All the handouts/presentations etc, filmsclips of seminar discussions, and follow up tasks for all the topics we cover on our course (60 hours in total)
  • Films and lesson plans of lessons taught by tutors and candidates, with tasks to ensure you notice the relevant details. Filmclips of follow up discussions for these tasks.  
  • Forums where you can ask questions about anything that interests or worries you, and receive a reply from a course tutor.
  • Links to Module 1 and 2 materials (the presentations, reading references etc) which are relevant to the specific assignments that you will working on, and personalised guidance on which you need to refer to at each stage of your course.


Option A  
Access to all the information above, but with no tutor feedback on any of the tasks.
366 including VAT and/or bank transfer charges.
Black Friday offer for enrolments before the end of November 2021: €305

Option B
As above, but with tutor feedback on any tasks you choose to do. We recommend this option only if you have lots of time to spend studying before your regular course - you won't have time for anything "extra" once you've started. (NB. The feedback refers to tasks on our site - not the work set by your centre, which will be assessed by the course tutors there. Also, remember that you will still have to complete the tasks set by your centre - ours can't "count" towards a course at another centre.)
€610 including VAT and/or bank transfer charges.
Early Black Friday offer for enrolments by the end of October 2021: €450

Want to see what's in the course?

If you'd like to have a look at the course website and find out more about what we offer on the course, we'll happily meet you on Skype so that we can screenshare and show you the website, the materials and explain exactly what's involved. Contact us to arrange a time.