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This week's extract from our courses is....

Teaching Mono and Multilingual Classes

Do you teach monolingual groups? Multilingual groups? Both?  This week's extract from our Delta Modules courses is relevant to all three modules and considers the issues, advantages and disadvantages involved with each type of group.

To listen to the presentation, click on the link (not the picture)

If you want to take Module One next summer, you really ought to be thinking about starting a course now. There's a tremendous amount of work to get through, and if you have to fit it into a full teaching schedule (and especially if you also have family commitments) you really need to spread it over at least six months. Our online Module One Course lets you work at your own pace, submitting assignments and joining in with online seminars whenever you get to the relevant point in the course. Click on the link for a fuller description, and contact us  if you have further queries or would like to enrol.