What's on the site?

We are no longer running full Delta courses, but this site will be used for  materials which will help you if:

 - you have done a Module One course previously but need some "refresher" input or practice before taking the Module One exam 

 - you are self preparing for Modules One or Three 

 - you are preparing for any of the modules and need extra help with a specific area


- if you have been referred in or failed any of the modules and  need to retake. If this is your case click on the following links to see why you may have failed Module One or been referred in Module Two or Three (link to be added soon).

- If you passed Module Two but think you should have received a Merit or Distinction grade, click on the link above for details of how the result can be queried.

The Module One Exam Preparation Programme - this programme is on a website of its own. You can gain access up to June 2025 in return for a small donation to charity. See here for full details.

The Module One Weekly Preparation: In the nine weeks before the exam session you're aiming for, you need to be ramping up your preparation. In this period, a question relevant to each of the tasks on the Module One exam (plus the suggested answer) will be posted every Wednesday on our companion site An ELT Notebook. Could you answer them?  For the link to the activities for each week see the page Doing the Delta? (also accessible from the top menu on the site) and scroll down. This page also includes useful hints for tackling each task on the two papers.

The Module Two Preparatory Programme -  Again, this programme is on  a website of its own. You can access the course up to June 2025 for a small donation to charity. Full details can be found here.

The Module Three Course - We're currently working on transferring the course to a website of its own which, like those above, will be available for a donation to charity. Details will be added when the course is ready. 

Also relevant are the new materials included on our companion site An ELT Notebook. New articles and activities are added at roughly weekly intervals, and are all mostly adapted from materials used on our Delta courses. Every week or so you'll find one or two (sometimes more) new articles or practical activities focusing on language and/or methodology. They supplement the work in the Exam Preparation Programmes by covering the syllabus areas you need to have worked on for the three modules. Check them out weekly.