Welcome to the blog site of the Delta Course run by Business Talk, Milan. 

Delta News

Black Friday is fast approaching and this year we're anticipating it and offering discounts on all our courses for all enrolments made by the end of October. Enrol for any of our full, preparatory or coaching courses running up to the June 2022 assessment session and take advantage of discounts ranging from €44 to €143- depending on the original price of the course. Click on the links in the right hand sidebar for details of the discount for each course.

If you're interested in any of our courses, contact me and we can arrange a Skype meeting where I can screenshare and show you exactly what the course contains.

An Extract from our  Courses

The current extract from our courses comes from Module One and is a recorded presentation discussing Dogme (approx. 15 mins). Click on the link below to watch.

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  • Our courses? Whichever module interests you,  you'll find something to meet your needs. See Our Courses for a list of, and more information on, all the different courses we run - or use the links in the sidebar.
  • And if you're looking for guidance on dealing with the tasks on the Module One papers, or on finding out exactly what's required in Modules Two and Three, see here : Tips and Advice