We are no longer running full Delta courses, but this site will be used for  materials which will help you if:

- you have done a Module One course previously but need some "refresher" input or practice before taking the Module One exam 

- you are self preparing for Modules One or Three 

- you are preparing for any of the modules and need extra help with a specific area

- you have been referred in or failed any of the modules and  need to retake

Material will be added regularly and gradually - and generally on specific days each week. 

Module One - new posts will be added on Tuesdays. This week we're moving on to Paper Two  Task 2. This is an important task in the exam as it carries 42 marks and can mean the difference between passing and failing. You'll find input on the requirements of the task, on how to phrase your answers to each of the three sections, and on the common mistakes that cause candidates to lose marks  - and then three practice activities to check your understanding, with feedback on why you may have lost marks. See here. (The post will be available from March 21st - 27th )

Module Two - The final section of our Module Two Preparatory Course looks at writing the final sections of the Professional Development Assignment - that is, the Experimental Practice section, and parts 3 and 4 of the Reflection and Action section.  See here. (Post will be available March 22nd-28th). 

This is the last section of the course, which is now being transferred to a website of its own. If you've missed sections, want to review anything, or would find it useful to look at the materials again as you do your full course and actually write the assignments, you'll be able to access the course up to December 2023 for a small donation to charity. Full details will be added here as soon as the course is ready. Watch this space! 

Module Three You need to build an assessment programme into your course, and this should consist of both formative and summative assessment. Your course will only be about 20 hours long, so you can't devote too much time to this, but it must be there, clearly indicated in the course plan, and discussed in Part Four of the assignment. This week's extract from our Module Three course deals with this aspect of Part Four.  (Post available March 23rd - 29th)

Also relevant will be the new materials added to our companion site An ELT Notebook. Again these will be added at weekly intervals, and will mostly be adapted from materials used on our Delta courses. Every week you'll find one or two new articles on language or methodology:

This week there's one on The Plateau stage - and how to get over it, while the post on Ellipsis in the ELT Glossary has been updated to include a task to check your ability to recognise where words have been ellipted in texts and the rules governing their omission.